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Oilserv Limited is a leading provider of integrated engineering, procurement, construction, installation & commissioning (EPCIC) services and complementary solutions across the asset and program life cycle within the onshore, offshore and subsea market segments of the oil and gas sector.Job Summary

Welding Inspector ensures the quality and integrity of Welded Joints. He is responsible for performing inspections, tests, and audits at various stages of welding & fabrication for projects/construction, to verify compliance with project specifications, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.



Inspection and Testing:

Conduct thorough inspections of pipeline materials, components, and construction activities to ensure adherence to project specifications and standards.
Perform visual inspections, measurements, and non-destructive testing (NDT) reviews & techniques on welding, and other mechanical critical pipeline elements.
Verify the accuracy of installations, alignments, and other construction processes.

Documentation and Reporting:

Create detailed inspection reports that document findings, deviations from standards, and any required corrective actions.
Maintain accurate records of inspection results, test data, and quality control activities.
Collaborate with project teams to communicate inspection outcomes and recommendations.

Compliance and Standards:

Ensure compliance with relevant industry codes, standards (e.g., ASME, API), project specifications, and regulatory requirements.
Monitor and enforce safety protocols and environmental regulations during inspections.

Quality Audits:

Participate in internal and external quality audits to assess project compliance with established quality control procedures.
Support corrective and preventive action implementation based on audit findings.

Collaboration and Communication:

Work closely with project managers, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to address quality-related concerns and provide technical expertise.
Communicate effectively with team members to address any construction-related quality issues promptly.

Training and Development:

Keep up-to-date with industry trends, best practices, and evolving quality control methodologies.
Participate in training sessions to enhance skills in inspection techniques and relevant technologies.

Continuous Improvement:

Identify areas for process improvement and suggest potential solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of construction operations.
Contribute to lessons learned sessions to improve future projects based on past experiences.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Drive compliance with Occupational Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Policies,  processes, procedures and applicable laws/legal requirements across Oilserv business.
Take responsibility for their health & safety and those of stake holders across Oilserv business


Bachelor’s degree/HND in Engineering or Science Related Course.
ISO 9001:2015 Auditor
A minimum of FIVE (5) years as Welding Inspector experience in Oil and Gas industry with flare for career development in QA/QC


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