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Dixon & Ricks

We support education providers and organisations in delivering their products and services to their clients on the African continent.
We are primarily focused on the following: Bespoke Learning & Development Business Advisory International StudentDuties and Responsibilities

Social Media Management: Oversee and manage D&R's presence on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Engage with the online community, respond to inquiries, and drive increased followership.
Programme Brochure Design: Support with the annual programme brochures content, handling incoming enquiries, and ensuring effective communication with potential clients.
Collaboration with Digital Marketing Lead: Work closely with the Digital Marketing Lead, to develop and execute the annual digital marketing plan and digital media strategies.
Announcement and Ad Placements: Manage the placement of announcements and advertisements to promote our offerings effectively.
Graphic Design Support: Provide graphic design support to create visually appealing content that resonates with our audience.
Newsletter Production: Create and produce periodic newsletters to keep our clients and stakeholders informed about company updates and offerings.
Client and Product Showcase: Organise weekly client showcases and D&R product spotlights to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Content Creation: Develop, edit, and distribute various types of content, including website content, chat interactions, press releases, marketing materials, and other public-facing content. Innovatively create and curate original content that reflects the values and culture of the organisation, ensuring high-quality representation.
Lead Generation: Share daily lead generated on all our products and services to foster potential client interactions.
Customer Engagement: Actively engage with our online community, promptly addressing customer inquiries, challenges, and feedback.
Ethical Guidelines: Stay informed about the code of ethics guiding the use of social media and adhere to the legal framework and policies to ensure compliance and protect the organisation from legal issues.
SDG Compliance: Align content creation with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 17 to reflect our vision and dedication to global collaboration and becoming a recognised brand.

Qualifications and Skills

Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Communications, or a related field.
Proven experience in social media management, content creation, and digital marketing.
Proficiency in graphic design tools and software.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Strong understanding of social media trends and platforms.
Ability to work collaboratively and adapt to fast-paced environments.
Ethical awareness and understanding of legal considerations in social media usage.


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