• Lagos

Newedge Finance Limited

Newedge is a financial institution established in 2019 and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate as a Finance Company in
Nigeria. Newedge provide Loans, Investment and Financial Advisory solutions to clients across the private and public sectors of the economy.Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Monitor competitors' latest developments, including but not limited to product features, user activities, pricing strategies, etc., and regularly produce competitive analysis reports.
Collect feedback from the market, customers, and the team, identify loan, banking, and other financial business requirements, and continuously improve product experiences to attract targeted customer growth.
Understand local user behaviors, customs, and trends, uncover and track trending content, and assist in planning holidays and creative activities in advance to support marketing operations.
Coordinate various local departments to complete other tasks assigned by superiors, such as creating developer accounts, testing and experiencing internal products, etc.
Participate in business strategic goal planning and product project promotion
Identify user pain points and develop product solutions to address pain points
Responsible for product market and user research, analyze the mobile application needs of users at all levels and optimize user experience, improve product functions, and enhance customer retention
Analyze competition products and generate product competitiveness based on user behavior
Responsible for APP and user retention
Able to work with data, analyze the issues and strengths of the product, and pull teams together to accomplish targets
Put forward product requirement plan, adjust product and operation roll-out plan accordingly
Research the market application trend and various applications launched, explore and grasp the development and change of target users' demand for content, and propose new product functions or new product directions.


Candidates should possess a Bachelor's Degree qualification with at least 4 years work experience.


To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.myjobmag.com/a_fields.php?id=593597→