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Grandville Medical & Laser

Grandville Medical and Laser Clinic is an international based skin, body, health and beauty care hub, headquartered in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
Established June 1st 2013, we specialize in a range of body, skin care and health treatment of some which include but are not limited to abdominal fat removal, permanent tattoo removal, face lift, ear reconstruction, breast lump, and breast cancer treatment.
This is a full Aesthetic Clinic with services involving both invasive and non invasive treatment.

We also do full medical and surgical care with both in-patient and out-patient services.
Emergency services are available with consultant review at point of entry.

Our Invasive treatments involve the surgical care ranging from Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery and so on.
The non invasive procedures are dermal filling, Botox injections for fine lines and wrinkles.

We also do full laser treatments for skin tags, facial rejuvenation, permanent hair reduction, hair regrowth in alopecia.
We focus on a safe world class procedure in order to achieve a vivacious state of health in our client at reasonable price.Brief description

As a physiotherapist and masseuse, you'll meet with patients to assess their physical problem/disorder. Having made a diagnosis, you'll then design and review appropriate treatment programmes using a range of techniques, including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and electrotherapy.
As well as treating patients, you'll also promote their health and wellbeing and provide advice on how to avoid injury and self-manage long-term conditions.
Patients can include children, the elderly, stroke patients and people with sports injuries.


A physiotherapist and a masseuse are expected to perform lymphatic drainage massage on patients after surgery.
A physiotherapist is expected to examine every tummy tuck patient and carry out a breathing therapy before surgery
Physiotherapist/masseuse are expected to rotate massage sessions within and outside the hospital.
Physiotherapist/masseuse are to ensure massages, are given only for the number of sessions paid for by the patients.
Physiotherapist are to diagnose, assess and treat their physical problem/condition
Physiotherapist are to educate patients and their carers about how to prevent and/or improve conditions
Physiotherapist are to keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients
Physiotherapist/masseuse are to work with patients who have a range of conditions, including neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory, sometimes over a period of weeks
A monthly report that contains total number of massages for the month, total number of patients for normal post-surgery massage, total number of clients for physiotherapy, total number of physiotherapy sessions and total number of massages done on the island and mainland.


To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.myjobmag.com/a_fields.php?id=590535→