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Provide professional advisory to the business on all land and landed community related matters.
The Land Acquisition executive assesses areas of land and determines potential for land development.
With a strong background in urban & town planning, real estate, geography, land socioeconomic dynamics of the terrain, incumbent would use the combination of specialized skill set to aid the company in making best decisions both in acquisition and protection of all land related assets.

Key Responsibilities

Provide technical leadership, foresight and management level land-acquisition advice to meet business requirements & guide strategic and operational decision making by Management.
Negotiating prices with community, government amongst other stakeholders to achieve the best value for the business while still maintaining fairness & profitability goals.
Coordinating with lawyers, appraisers, contractors, and other specialists to complete land acquisition deals.
Categorizing and appraising land parcels to assess value, as well as researching zoning laws and potential development projects to determine if a parcel is suitable for purchase
Developing budgets and financial forecasts for prospective land purchases or sales
Reviewing legal documents with legal team support to ensure all requirements are met prior to closing on a purchase.
Reviewing and approving bids from contractors for clean-up and construction projects on acquired land.
Evaluating title records to determine ownership and encumbrances, such as easements and mortgages.
Coordinating with government agencies to obtain permits for construction activities on public Land.
Our business is focused on sustainability, hence as land acquisition executive has responsibility
on finding ways to acquire land that is both affordable and promotes sustainability against climate change.
Incumbent must pay loads of attention to reduce the environmental impact of our projects either by sourcing land that has been previously developed or by working with developers who have already taken steps towards sustainability.
Persistent community engagement is an increasingly important part of business development, hence incumbent must create, develop, and nurture positive relationships with all our host communities.

Skills & Qualifications

Degree in Real Estate, Urban & Regional Planning, Architecture, Bus. Admin, or related field
5+ years’ experience in land acquisition, development, or management
Experience working with Ministry, Department or Agency of the Government on land-use, town planning in south western Nigeria and or Ogun state.
Working knowledge of GIS mapping software
Familiarity with environmental laws and regulations
Proven track record of successful land acquisitions
Strong negotiation skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills
Proficient in Microsoft Office, projects, with aptitude to learn new software and systems


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