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Crusader Pensions Limited

CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited was incorporated on 12 October, 2004 as a Pension Fund Administrator to administer and manage pension retirement savings contributions of employees in Nigeria in accordance with the Pension Reform Act of 2004.

CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited was granted a licence to operate as a pension fund administrator by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) in accordance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act of 2004.

-Our core values
Devotion to our customers

-Our approach
Wide network of branches and customer service centers
Cutting edge IT support system and processes
Experienced investment management team supported by world class investment management infrastructure

-Our role as a Pension Fund Administrator
To open Retirement Savings Account and Additional Voluntary Contributions for employees.
To manage and invest contributor’s funds.
To provide regular information on investment strategy and returns to employees or beneficiaries
To ensure payment of retirement benefits to employees and or beneficiaries.

-Our IT support services
Customer friendly interfaces – very interactive
Over 400 branch network with Pension Funds Custodian, making payment of contribution easy
Opening of Retirement Savings Account and Additional Voluntary contributions with ease
24/7 Account Balance enquiry
Access to current pension value
Customers can check their monthly and annual contribution
Print Statement of AccountGeneral Description

The Internal Audit Officer is responsible for conducting independent and objective evaluations of an organization's internal controls, risk management processes, and governance practices.
They assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance of internal operations, identify areas of improvement, and provide recommendations to enhance control systems and mitigate risks.
The Internal Audit Officer works closely with management and staff to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance within the organization.

Job Functions
Conduct internal audits:

Plan and execute comprehensive internal audit programs to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management processes, and compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations.
Review and analyze financial statements, operational data, and other relevant documentation to assess the reliability and accuracy of information.
Identify areas of potential risk, control deficiencies, and opportunities for improvement.
Perform testing and verification procedures to validate the adequacy of internal controls and compliance with established policies and procedures.

Risk assessment and management:

Assess and prioritize risks within the organization, considering both financial and non-financial aspects.
Develop risk management strategies and provide recommendations to mitigate identified risks.
Monitor risk mitigation activities and evaluate their effectiveness.

Compliance Monitoring:

Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies.
Review and assess the organization's adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.
Identify compliance gaps and recommend corrective actions.

Reporting and Communication:

Prepare clear and concise audit reports detailing findings, recommendations, and action plans.
Communicate audit results to management and relevant stakeholders.
Collaborate with management to implement recommendations and monitor progress.

Process Improvement:

Identify opportunities for improving efficiency, effectiveness, and internal controls.
Provide guidance and support to management in implementing process enhancements.
Conduct follow-up audits to assess the implementation and effectiveness of recommended improvements.

Professional Development and Knowledge Sharing:

Stay up-to-date with industry best practices, regulations, and emerging trends in internal auditing.
Participate in training programs, seminars, and professional networks to enhance skills and knowledge.
Share knowledge and expertise with colleagues and contribute to the continuous improvement of the internal audit function.

Key Performance Indicators / Measurement Criteria

Compliance Rate
Risk Mitigation
Audit Findings
Employee Training and Awareness
Timeliness of Reporting
Internal Control Effectiveness
Whistleblower Reporting
Stakeholder Satisfaction
Continuous Improvement Initiatives.

Educational Qualification

B.Sc Degree (minimum of 2.2)
Professional qualification will be an added advantage.

Work Experience:

2 years and above in similar position preferably financial service (PFA or others)

Skill/ Competency Required:

Audit Knowledge
Financial Acumen
Risk Assessment and Management
Internal Controls Evaluation
Communication Skills
Ethics and Integrity
Technology and Data Analysis.




HMO & Pension.


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