Hudson Mining Limited

Hudson Mining Limited has endeavored to build a comprehensive platform integrating mine assets acquisition, exploration, mining, processing, refinery, trading and global sourcing and importing for various minor minerals, new energy minerals and other non-ferrous minerals since its establishment.Responsibilities

Development of all mine operations expense and capital budgets, including workforce planning.
Work on a team to procurement all mine equipment and develop maintenance agreements.
Support development and design of all mine operations infrastructure – includes blasting explosives plant, mine dispatch infrastructure, as well as drainage and dewatering facilities.
Develop operations processes to support mine planning, ore quality and grade control programs as well as production forecasting.
Development of operations operating controls and support development of training and competency development programs and equipment ramp-up profiles.
Work collaboratively with mine maintenance, mine engineering, support services, and plant business areas to achieve all business plan objectives.
Investigate incidents, near misses, damage or delays at construction sites, to ensure that proper procedures are being carried out.

Working Conditions / Regulatory Requirements:

Maintain both personal action and speech in a professional manner.
Ensure all maintenance support activities comply with existing departmental policies and programs, as well as comply with all environmental, legislative and regulatory requirements.
Much of required work is independent of supervision: must utilize good time management.

Required Technical Skills, Training & Experience

Candidates should possess Technical University Degrees (Bachelor's / Master's) in Mine Engineering, Geology or equivalent preferred but not necessary
Min 10 years of experience in a large open pit mine environment.
Maintenance planning and maintenance systems skills are highly desirable.
Strong Character with exceptional leadership and management skills.
The ability to effectively present information to all levels of the organization.
Strong safety commitment and improvement mindset.


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