• Abuja

Stella Maris High School

An Educational School in AbujaSummary

We are looking for a committed talent who is passionate about teaching, and is also skilled in the art of motivating young people to learn. A smart individual with an education qualification in the subject area who is able to teach English effectively and efficiently to children.
We are looking for teachers who are keen on aiding this Institution achieve its core goals of delivering quality education to its students and helping them build great and sustainable interpersonal skills. The ideal candidate will play an important role in teaching and assessing the students.


Planning, developing and implementing curriculum to meet learning goals
Ensure proper execution of lesson plans daily
Teach students in details all the topics related to this particular subject
Provide extensive lesson notes for the students
Checking the student's notes regularly to ensure it's updated.
Practice with the students in class
Ensure the availability of learning materials and provide guidance to the students on how to use them
Maintain proper record of students' academic records
Assign assignments to students
Grade tests and assignments of students
Create a positive learning environment in order to develop the interest of the students.
Prepare the students for external and internal examinations and competitions.
Any other duty as may be assigned by the HOD

Skills and Qualification

A Bachelor's Degree in English or any other related course. A master's degree is an added advantage.
A minimum of 1 years experience in this role or a similar role
Possess in-depth knowledge on the core subject and skills to deliver knowledge to students
Good knowledge of and practical use of quality and seamless training/teaching methods
The candidate for this role is expected to possess great skills
Good communication skills, analytical skills and problem solving skills with the ability to cooperate with other staff members
As a teacher, you should have the ability to work with students with different interest and capabilities
Be patient and empathetic in your dealings with students.
Also be very passionate about your job.


To apply, please visit the following URL:https://www.myjobmag.com/a_fields.php?id=594401→